Our Style

We take our inspiration from the outdoors when designing your wedding flowers and believe that you don’t have to throw everything and the kitchen sink at them in order to create something stunning.

A pared back, understated and elegant scheme is often the one which will have the most impact. That doesn’t mean we don’t create lavish structures - of course we can build floral chandeliers, archways, flower bombs and 30ft tablescapes which look like they have just grown in the middle of the table! 

What sets us apart is the care and attention to detail that we put into the planning of your wedding flowers. Each flower should have its place - a reason for being chosen. You should be able to make out that beautiful garden rose head perfectly opened in time for the day or the tendril of trailing jasmine curling at just the right point to finish off your bouquet. These are the details that will really set your flowers apart and have your guests spellbound when they enter your ceremony room for the first time.

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