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We think it is important to give you an insight into the work and planning that goes on behind the scenes in the lead up to your wedding day. You can be confident that when you choose Stems the care and attention to detail that goes into every bouquet and arrangement is exceptional.

If you choose our Couture or Haute Couture service there is an additional level of planning, sourcing and styling that goes into bringing your wedding flowers together.

At the first consultation we will get to know your brief in depth, gaining an insight into the look as well as the feel of the day you are trying to create. Pulling together all your sources of inspiration, we will then present you with your design proposal and make suggestions on the use of props, hireware and additional items such as candles if this is appropriate. 

Once finalised and you have booked with us, we will continue to work in the background on elements of your wedding before we meet again around 8 weeks before the big day. At this meeting we will finalise all the details for your wedding day, make any adjustments that may be required and discuss the more intricate details such as the shade of ribbon to finish the stems of the bouquets.

Finally, we meticulously design and stem count every arrangement in your proposal to ensure that we have the right balance of colour, scent and texture before placing our order directly with our trusted suppliers in both Holland and the UK. Your flowers will be delivered in stages during the days before your wedding, being carefully conditioned and monitored to ensure they are opened to perfection at just the right time. 

Hand-crafted and finished on-site, your wedding flowers will be created and installed by our team of professionals along with the coordination of any styling details with partner suppliers. And with one final meticulous check we will leave them ready for you and your guests to be dazzled!