House Plants The Essential Guide - Print

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A minimalist house plants art print featuring popular indoor plants from around the world.

Do you know your Monstera from your Prayer Plant? Boston Fern or Elephant's Ear? If you are an aspiring plant parent or already proudly rearing a botanical brood, then this is the print for you!

The print includes each plant's common 'nickname' along with it's Latin botanical name which consists of two words: the genus and the species. The genus is a collective name for a group of plants, and the species tells you more about a particular plant. The print also serves as a plant care guide to show the level of light and water the little guy needs to thrive.

This house plant print is perfect wall art for your kitchen, bedroom, living room or office and also makes a great gift for a plant lover and fellow green-fingered enthusiast.

Small prints feature 16 plants

CM: 28x35, 30x40

Inches: 11x14, 12x16
A series: A3

    (1) Boston Fern; (2) Cast Iron Plant; (3) Chinese Money Plant; (4) Devil's Ivy; (5) Elephant's Ear; (6) False Shamrock; (7) Inch Plant; (8) Kentia Palm; (9) Pin Stripe Plant; (10) Prayer Plant; (11) Rattlesnake Plant; (12) Rubber Plant; (13) Sago Palm; (14) Spider Plant; (15) Swiss Cheese Plant; (16) Zebra Plant.

    Print only (unframed)

    Printed on 250gsm white satin paper

    Designed and made in England

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    House Plants The Essential Guide - Print
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