Having trained in Knightsbridge, I started my floristry career in Brighton where I opened my first shop in the seaside village of Rottingdean. Looking to expand my business and work closer to home, I bought Stems in November 2015 and enjoyed the challenge of running two thriving businesses in Sussex. In August 2016 I took the difficult decision to sell my business in Rottingdean and invest all the hours spent commuting into new product ranges and expanding the client portfolio at Stems.

Flowers are what make me tick and I love nothing more than working with delicate blooms to create beautiful arrangements, which focus not only on flowers but also textural details and seasonal references. I am an inherent perfectionist and for me it is the small details that really matter.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from a walk in the woods with my labradoodle, Barney, to lavish interior styling in glossy magazines, I am always looking to create something a little different that people may not have seen before. My favourite season is Autumn, when nature provides a rich palette of colour and treasures like seed pods, rose hips and fruits to add definition and depth to arrangements.

Whilst the shop creates flowers for all occasions my passion lies in wedding flowers. For me there is nothing more satisfying than being able to transform visions and dreams that may initially be just a few sketches and swatches of fabric, into a reality which leaves stunning lasting memories for years to come.


Sometimes found in the shop, but mostly cruisin (no G)...


With gardening one of my hobbies, I am always amazed by the ever changing colours and tones and new life that each season brings. This will always inspire and create inspiration with each wholesale flower delivery. Seeing the new seasons flowers arrive is what excites me as a florist.

Beauty in nature can be seen in everything from the hedgerow nettle to the most beautiful David Austen rose - you have just got to find it.

I have been lucky enough to be a florist for over 25 years and overseen 3000 weddings. Fashion in flowers will always keep changing and that is what makes the industry so interesting.

My favourite flower…Mmmmmm…today it’s a blush pink snowberry, tomorrow who knows.